Slot makinesi altın partisi

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176 thoughts on “Slot makinesi altın partisi”

  1. Good Job NG . I thought too you got the grand & 2x but anyway still a Jackpot . I’m also here in Pala and I lost . I still lost $3,000 not even 2hrs playing machine so tight . Just giving 5 fireballs all the time with a big numbers on it but when you get the 6 fireballs it’s just small pay off. . Will lie low and maybe will be going at valley view and set a budget . Pala Casino so tight , I don’t see anyone get a Jackpot here in High gaming . Good luck more my friend . Keep winning


  3. That Grand thing was so confusing… Seems cruel, but glad you got a good jackpot anyway.

  4. Should check the pay chart properly first Ng before celebrating like a fool, aside from that, good big win, big win though . Congratulations!!

    • @NG Slot aside from screaming like a FOOL , good win Ng , good win, still a great win, looking forward to more big wins !

    • there is no any games in USA that you have to get 3 GRAND SYMBOLS during bonus to hit it !

  5. Wow I thought you hit the Grand again. Still a good win though. Awesome video.

  6. Yo! That game is a jerk! Fake out with the Grand and only one Mini?!? Does it not know who you are?! 🤣😂
    Congrats NG!

  7. like money party machine-reels look like old school games. have you gone downtown vegas to new casino yet?

  8. You should nt play with are fillings like that ng i was celebrating already 😂

  9. Wow! My heart was rising I thought you got the Grand too! But still thats a big win, congrats NG! I NEVER get a handpay jackpot. 😂🤣😋 Thanks for awesome video! 👍 😀

    • Thank you for watching and feedback ! yeah i was super happy for that grand but it took only a few second lol

  10. Great job NG, amazing job NG, incredible job NG. Hahahaha I love that part. Cant wait to see you at the casino. I go to Harrahs Socal 4 times a week. I love watching you play! ❤

  11. that is a shitty move from the Casino to decieve the player. i almost fainted when you hit x2. At the end it was a bad aftertaste eventhough you got an amasing hit, fantastic job NJ!

  12. Awww man. You sounded SO disappointed. At least you won almost four grand. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • yeah bud becasue i thught i hit that Over $20,000 JACKPOT , and then got 6 times less :):)) ! Thank you for watching


  14. That’s a STUPID system to win the Grand! 😡 But a nice jackpot nonetheless!

  15. Wow 👏👏👏👏👏 bravo 👏 bravo 👏👏☺️ muy fuerte felicidades 🎉🎊👏👏🎉

    • yeah Dav ! But we have to get a 3x GRAND SYMBOLS for the prize, stupid thing !

  16. I wish I had some of your luck.
    Out of your entire slot play
    Are you up or down.. or do you know

    • Gary every single slot player in t his world always down, if anyone says I AM UP so it means he/she just SCAMMER

  17. They got you excited for nothing NG… 😊… Am disappointed you did not get the grand x2. So sneaky these games. Once I got full screen hearts, thought I won grand but not. I know how you feel NG… Your grand is coming!!!!!….. And mine… 😜…. We can celebrate together 👍

  18. That was so mean!! 3 grands? I was so mad you didn’t get it!! Great video NG

  19. Hello NG, I thought that should have been the the grand. It was amazing. 😂😂😂😂☘☘☘☘

  20. Awww I was so happy when I saw the grand fall and felt pissed off for you 🙁 I wish you good all the luck Ng!!

  21. Awesome NG u so exciting because this game so good

  22. Have you been to Winstar World Casino and Resort ? Watching from Katy Texas 👀

  23. OMG NG! Its a very nice bonus but I am so pissed at the fake Grand award. Keep an eye out for Star Watch Fire $10 denomination, I think you will like it!

  24. Как меня веселит ложная радость рядом сидящих ))))))) поздравляют, делают вид что рады за тебя, а по факту тупая зависть! Реакция твоя была Огонь— Лайкос за видос.

  25. That is so misleading. I would have been pissed. You handled it better than I. You went from thinking you hit the grand, to thinking you DOUBLED it, to not hitting it at all. Completely misleading for you. That is what we call in the poker world, a slowroll.

  26. Omg NG Im almost get a heart attack when I saw that GRAND JACKPOT , I’m almost died for nothing lol 😂
    Well still was a good hand pay

  27. Hi NG! Congratulations on the big win! I was very disappointed you didnt get the Grand but you handled it like a gentleman. Thats why you are the best!

  28. First: nice win! 3k is very good.
    Second: who are the spectators? Omfg screaming not one time but four times yes you have it. Yes you won it, lol… that’s so stupid.

    I hope you will win the grand this year again. You are the most impressive slot player I know. You are so chill and calm. The rest of the world should be like that.

    I wish you all the best NG.

    • Thank you for watching and support , yeah they confused me and one second i believed that i won that grand !

  29. What a RIP off !! Wow. How do u get 3xs the grand. So u need 3 grand to land. Oh what a let down !! Congrats tho . Hope a grand is around the corner.. good luck !!

  30. MG!!!!!!!! Because you have to have 3 grands! OMG! That happened to me!! And it’s was so burst of bubbles!

  31. Wow that GRAND prize is very deceiving but still a nice Jackpot! Good job NG

  32. Ive tried Money Party and didnt have any luck so- I havent been back. Seeing that nice handpay though- maybe I should give it another try 😊

  33. Better to gamble online than getting COVID-19…. Live casino online is much better

  34. sorry NG I was excited and heart broken as well for u confusing much, next time

  35. What the hell. !!!! Aper yerpek cheim desi esenx ban 🤔🤔🤔give NG that grand

  36. Actually, you need 3 Grand symbols for the Grand, NG. You apparently thought this was a Lightning Link. Because the full-screen reward is like Mighty Cash, it doubles everything.

  37. WTF!! how stupid of a game. you hit the grand you hit the grand. id be so pissed. nice hit tho NG

  38. need 3 grand to give it. and the major is need only 1 without other coins… i take 1 or 2 grand many many times..but was ok win keep play similar games is awesome..

    • i never thought it should be like that , i thought it is like a fire link , or lock it link slots just one GRAND ! Thank you for watching

    • Its misleading, especially in your preview clips.. just saying, and im not the only one who thinks that way

    • If someone says this is a click bait so he/she has a ISSUES for sure ! I post the FULL SCREEN that i got during my bonus with GRAND, MINOR & MINI Jackpots symbols !

  39. Lol the lady in the back you better give me some. Lol did you put in on this

  40. I hope casinos keep up with their promises each time you play; however, for your own sake, you need to have a back-up plan in case their promises broken one day!

    • Thank you for watching and feedback, slots are moneymaker for casinos and not for us, you shouldnt expect making money playing casino , that is must be your backup plan and play the money that you can afford to lose !

  41. Ohhhhhhh my freind I was so excited 😁 😆 hopefully next time you will get bigger jackpot 🙏🥰

    • Yeah brother me too, thought i got that grand , was very confusing ! Thank you for watching and was great to chat with you 😉 !

  42. You got hosed NG machine should be called read the fine print !🤣🤣

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