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  1. 选择很重要,尤其好的平台呢!

  2. Damn her co workers gave not 1 fuk.
    Plus these dudes look really creepy… They didnt even rush to her they just walked up to her like she does this regularly😭😭😭

    • whoops dealer 22 is drunk again go drag her off the table, its high rollers in those seats

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  4. That’s one of three things. Either she’s diabetic, on drugs, or had a seizure

  5. Bruh why they need a real dealer for online blackjack am I missing something? Is it because people won’t trust the odds?

  6. Эпилепсия, жаль её, но Стримеры и парни в зале красавцы

  7. ⚠️⚠️JUST A THEROY⚠️⚠️ When she passed out the people went to grab her and brought the chair with them so does that mean they are tied to a chair so they can’t leave? ⚠️⚠️JUST A THEROY⚠️⚠️

  8. Cant imagine how much time they were forced to work with not much sleep.
    I think bathroom breaks may not be exist at all. Feel bad for her. 😔😔

    • On god, these speculations are hilarious. Max working day is 12 hours and you work 12 hours if you want more days off, and its a more popular option for dealers. The most extreme case of work between breaks is 3 hours and it only happens if too many people called in sick that day. Breaks last 30 minutes. If you are lucky enough and there is too many people on the shift you can have a break every other half an hour and you are still getting paid for them. Someone passing out is an extremely rare occasion. Dealers often look tired because its a popular job amongst students and they combine work with studies or they have picked up some extra shifts for extra money and overworked themselves. Live casinos provide way better payment and working conditions than many other alternatives. What is really baffling is that players, although they see that dealer looks tired or doesnt feel too well, still choose to play on that table and try to finish the dealer off instead of picking a different table.

    • Theyre not forced to work. Its their choice and get paid well.

      Dont fall for the tik tok rumors

  9. 稳中才能求胜!!

  10. 상담&문의주세요.▲△▲△▲

  11. casino makes them work 16 hours a day. i believe there actualy in a prison

    • @Burak Tezcan yeah maybe in USA. 10k for a dealer in Europe? Maybe for 1 year 🤣🤣🤣

    • @Tregan this is the real world and in the real world people get made to do things bro, your speaking like what your saying is a matter of fact you have no idea what happening to the women. Not like i’m saying this can’t just be their job but in the real world this can easily be something sinister.

  12. This feels like more than just being sleepy. Ive watched quite a few of these videos now and from what I can tell they are being drugged with opiates

    • As a former herion addict I know what opiate use looks like theres legit a video where ones of the girls is practically itching her arms raw opiates make u itchy not overworking and being tired LOL

  13. All the girls there are so tired and can barely keep there eyes open at times. It’s sad

    • @Ashley Easton not all men, mostly the ones that are not constantly checking women out are the ones that never judge a women fully clothed

    • @Ƥ Ƨ Ψ Ͼ Ƕ Ѻ from what i know from you, i cant tell my mom shes beautiful without being a “simp”?

    • @Davaasuren Jigden No ,No , No , no fucking way you are still commenting after i argued with all these idiots , as I said 100 fucking times this girl made a topic AND A FUCKING SIMP , YES A SIMP , HE IS NOT COMPLIMENTING HER , HE IS SIMPING just comes and says , Hey ur beautiful or whatever the fuck he said now for the love of god SHUT THE FUCK UP

  14. Poor lady, they make work them too many hours with no break, I hope she is doing right.

  15. Lol people who think they are overworked are so innocent. She’s deffo on something

    • Yes thankyou because this is not normal sleepiness. I guarantee they being drugged with opiates to keep them under control easier

  16. In that country dealers whos bust avg. Is over 32 percent are severely punished she was scared for her life literally

    • Эпилепсия, жаль её, но Стримеры и парни в зале красавцы

  17. Lavorano na cifra di ora al giorno porca troia i dealer so trattati da schiavi che schifo cazzo poi questa se sente male dietro le altre mica se fermano che roba vergognoso

    • Come mestiere è bellissimo te lo assicuro ma nei casino ONLINE
      purtroppo vieni trattato da schiavo e in piu ti devi subire gli ignoranti in chat che ti insultano,io ho sempre preferito infatti i casino reali anche per questo motivo visto che li se alzi la voce per rabbia o dai fastidio insulti il dealer vieni buttato fuori a calci

  18. Ihr gehts nicht gut
    Aha ihr besucht bald denn teufel wegen glück spiel ihr kelbs

  19. More than likely a part time student…burning the candle at both ends, I doubt very much they will be overworked, the provider will have obligations to the Casinos there serving & under no circumstances would they jeopardise their commitments.

    • @White Alliance some people believe these women were/are trafficked

    • Probably overworking them. If they want to drug someone they can get someone out of the street. Why drug their own employee who is live on camera? Makes no sense

  20. Its too disturbing seeing this online gambling game show its fucken wierd smh

  21. Definitely overdosing these workers majority their personalities are weird and fishy

  22. Yardım edin lan ona, yardım edin amına koyim 😀 Ulan başka milletten olamam :)))

  23. This is an actual scam they perform when an lot of poeple bet an lot. There is undercover footage of poeple training for this

  24. I saw another dealer almost faint when I was playing on this same site. Definitely something weird going on.

    • @Fresher than you damn you are lucky for getting books, we dont have anything like that, we need to look at screen at all times and in most pf the teams you cannot even talk between the tables when you dont have any players

    • @ronaldadasd Cant relate about those empty tables. Where I work we can read books if there are no players and tbh I sometimes wish players get like 5 bad games in a row and leave me with Master and Margarita

    • @Lindsey P I work for Evolution yes, but this particular incident by the looks of it happened in Georgia and Im located in Latvia but rules are still pretty much the same, doesnt really matter that much which casino exacly it is because overall rules are the same for dealers

  25. I literally get tears in the eyes … I feel so sorry for her , how bad is this … 🙁

    • if shes working hard, then she has the adrenaline to keep her going… basing from her body language, shes obviously really tired and overworked… or their environment is taking a toll on them

    • They are human trafficking woman n man who were kidnapped, I been doing research for months all of them are being drugged n forced to work more hours than normal human being should. This is why roobet arent allowed in the us I wonder why🤔🤔🙄

    • @richy ket there are rumors that the girls are being drugged or human traficked..

  26. Cracks me how much that guy in grey doesnt care 🤣 vattdafak. Joking aside though, these casinos probably turfed her out and her replacement was waiting in line. I hope they pay thier staff decent wages.

  27. Casino we have this thing call eo (early off) whenever eo is not possible, we do this so we can get off the table and take a break

    • @Based And pilled bro your just pushing things too far take a reality check

    • These people are likely being trafficked and are fainting from exhaustion or heat

    • @Jasur Qahhorov no i worked at casino We get more than enough break. I used to get break for 20 minutes after every 40 minutes. And break was paid too.

  28. I feel sad, you’ll never see her deal again. She’ll be at the bottom of the ocean with dumbbell tied to her ankles. These women are enslaved for the better of most of their life. She was very purdy too! She could’ve been a nurse, a teacher, a house wife. Many beauties women in those countries are exploited & enslaved.

  29. 동료가 쓰러졌는데 일한다고 쳐보고 있는 조옷같은 현실
    넌 니옆에 사람을 얼마나 믿니?

  30. Online gambeling is evil and for suckers. It is unregulated and the games can be simply fixed to increase the house advantage. Blackjack is a good example. The more 10 cards they remove from the decks the more the house advantage increases.

  31. These women are being human trafficked. Commenter are quick to say they work for this company, but this is a common. Some women have been compared to multiple missing people. Something is going on.

    • They have male workers as well….just to let you know. I agree its human trafficking but theres are men suffering here as well

    • Also, if Im going to have a successful operation literally in front of your eyes, Im going to hire real dealers and male dealers. Give me a break.

    • The replies about how RiDiCuLous this idea is! are not necessary. You doubt this? Cool. But not considering this when these women havevdead eyes, some look like missing people, many are passing out. We could explain it away. But human trafficking is real. Im super glad you dismissed a possibility on a whim.

    • Look at how many people go missing everyday and never show back up. Where are all these people? I think this video may hold the answer to that question.

  32. WTF is going on at Evolution Gaming? Sleepy dealers and slow dealers… They have bad hiring practices AND they force these people to work long hours??

  33. Either she fainted/something, or shes doing it on purpose to cheat somehow. Maybe to stop someone from winning….

    • @Zane B apparently it happens alot with these online casinos. I wasnt aware at first. It wasSLO4N video post that made me start investigating for myself.

    • @Zane B yes I do. But only for this casino. When I was looking it up at first, a whole bunch of non related places had the same issue! If you give me a few i should have some links to provide you. I started looking into it after youtuber SL04N made a video about it. Im not sure he posted his sources but ill get them back to you. Comment back so i remember in the AM!

    • @Mon ica Hey Monica, do you have any more videos of people passing out at the table? Doing a project looking into these and looking for some more examples

  34. None should be surprised, shit like this been happening for years and years, shitty a**hole bosses over work there employees all the time not just in casinos in all types of jobs. Do you ever see them drink water? Coffee?? Could you stand here and work for hours on end ? Shits sad I hope she doesnt have any health problems from this cause it can lead to health issues Im the long run, a lack of sleep, rest, hydration.
    Balancing school, dealing with fam and work? What if the boss was in this position wed all think hes messed up or on something. Hope shes alright

  35. It sometimes happens because casinos dont have windows and some studios are badly ventilated and get too hot

  36. Dealer here, faintings on games where you can sit is really really rare. The rare cases when somebody has come even close to fainting is at a roulette table where you are supposed to stand for most of the time (unless you work in online casinos). My quess is some kind of a epileptic seizure or something similar. Or maybe she just really has a tendency to faint but really, that is super rare.

    • @yah yeet exactly, cheating on online tables just wouldn’t be worth it. I saw once a dealer in a video switching the card in front of the players and everyone was like ”omg he knows the cards and wants to give players the worse card”. That literally would be dummest way to cheat ever.
      But casino business is really interesting either way.

    • @aakka p that’s exactly what I thought. Game shows online have HUGE house edges – there’s literally no reason for them to “rig” their wheels. All games have house edges online, there’s no way to “beat” the casino. Rigging it would only be risking their own integrity, and their entire casino.

      Thanks for the insights! Really interesting stuff

    • @yah yeet i would put it this way. for sure, in a online casino, it would be easier to perform a scam since the players dont get a close up look, but the thing is that 95% when i see a youtube video about ”casino scam”, where dealer ”swaps a card” or something, there is nothing weird in it. Or when people says ”there is a magnet inside of that roulette ball!!”, the ball usually behaves normally but maybe just spins little funny way. But i can tell if a ball doesn’t behave as it should and still i have never seen a video of actually fishy looking roulette table.

      But my point being here is that casinos doesnt have to cheat to get a shit load of money, they will get it anyways at the ens of the day. So i rarely suspect the legimacy of an online game, at least when it comes to table games like black jack or roulette etc.

    • @aakka p gotcha, any insight about the legitimacy of online casinos? I think they’re probably about the same as in person (minus the ability to card count) but so many people think they’re scams.

    • @yah yeet i work in one of those ”real” casinos 😃 but i have tried dealing in online casinos a few years back when i got an opportunity

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