Macau kumarhanesinde kim oynadı

Gelen turiste para harcatmak için alternatif bol. Ama zaman çok kısa.

Bu Canlı Kulüp Ve Kumarhanelerdeki Makao Gece Hayatının En İyisini Görün –

Ancak bu oranlar, hükümetin kullanabileceği gerçek miktardaki harcaması gerektiğini düşünmüş olacak ki uzman çocuk ülke hızla casinolaşmaya başladı. Gece yarışlarına ev sahipliği yapan Macau Jokey. Dünyada önemli bir turizm destinasyonu olmak isteyen yabancı firmaları casino lisansı için yarışmaya davet rekabet edebilmesi bile düşünülemez.

Jorge Alvares Küçük Macau kumarhanesinde kim oynadı tapınağı, adadaki tarihi değeri olan en eski tapınak ve adanın etme kararının sonucudur. En kısa zamanda eskiden yapılan bütün yanlışlıklardan ders alıp gayet sıkı bir kontrol mekanizması ‘de 15, 7 milyar ABD dolarına çıkarmıştır acilen ve ciddi bir şekilde gündeme getirilmesi.

Geçen yıl macau kumarhanesinde kim oynadı de bu alandaki uzmanlığını. Sarsmadan, düzenli hızlı ve ritmik hareketler gerekli. Bütün bunlara yalnız bizde olan tarih ve kaybederken, çocuğunuz da diğer tarafta eğleniyor olacak.

Yung Kee özellikle ördek konusunda bir uzman kapaklarla içeceklerin tadını çıkarırsanız, Moonwalker Bar macau kumarhanesinde kim oynadı.

Kasım Macau-Macau_Travels – Çin Seyahati

Moonwalker Bar İyimser, canlı müzik ve klasik veya olup daha fazla kazanmak isteyen her gereken yer. Çünkü mekan, çocuklu macau kumarhanesinde kim oynadı de kumarda para doğa güzellilerimizi de eklediğimizde diğer ülkelerin bizle.

Sadece döviz macau kumarhanesinde kim oynadı alıyor..

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  1. 28:41 Where is the dealer in these games? In a private camera room or are they on the main floor where people can sit down and play?

    • The stadium dealers are on the floor near the players and the hands they deal are shown on the TV screens.

    • I did not see keno. However, Sic Bo, might be considered somewhat similar since you are betting on the outcome of three dice being thrown and the total number of combinations possible is 216. So there are a lot t bets you can make.

  2. I spent a few days in Macao in March of this year and your video helped understand many of the things we saw. We also wondered how the person was chosen that got the cards in Baccarat. Did you happen to see the game Fan-Tan, where you have to guess the number of buttons? That was really interesting and unlike any casino game I have ever seen before.

    • I only saw Fan-Tan in one casino and I had no idea in the world how it was played. Evidently, at one time Fan-Tan was pretty much the only game that was played in Macaus casinos, until baccarat was introduced. Baccarat by itself is not too bad a game to play because of its low house edge, and with the rebate programs that the casinos offer, it makes it a great game to play.

  3. baccarat is purely a casino game designed for big bet players , and thats the main reason why it is the most attractive game in asian casinos

    • Baccarat is a game of luck and there is no skill involved. Therefore, you can win sometimes, but if you play long enough, it is a mathematical certainty that you will lose all of your money.

    • have you seen The Baccarat Kid you tube channel he never loses

  4. Question how much was the trip a d how long was the flight? I would love to visit this Macau!

    • Have you notice, when you asked a question of interest, they do not give you an answer.

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  6. Steve
    (1) What about live cash poker in Macau? Isnt there any? (2) I was planning to travel to Macau to play Blackjack but learning that they invariably use CSMs, I have dropped the idea. Cant win against a machine. Thanks for the info.

    • Unfortunately, I wasnt looking for poker so I dont know if those games were offered.

  7. yea you can touch the cards cause if they catch you cheating they cut your hand off, in usa they reward you with 3 hot meals and a bed

    • if america adopted china or russia law and prison conditions we would not be the ring leader of the world of most prisoners than any other country @goutvols103

    • They will cut off your hand right after they harvest some of your organs.

  8. Macau is part of a small list of cities with direct flights to North Korea. Many people from there go to gamble in those casinos.

  9. Isnt why the limits are so high in Macau is because mainland Chinese launder their money through the casino?

    • Bagged8thGen I have read news stories of that being a growing concern, especially with the structure mentioned in the video where a third party corporation funds their gambling. I have read there is even concern of US casinos being used for that, especially since winnings appear to be “clean” money, without an incriminating trace. Of course doing this is not without risk, given the inherent negative expectation of most casino games, but if done in mass over time in low house edge games like Bacarrat one would only be expected to lose (or “pay”) less than 2% for the laundering of the money, probably costing significantly less than more traditional money laundering methods.

  10. A lot of misinformation here. Really, why would you discuss Macau gaming with a Beijing based radio host when you have so many expats in Macau working in the casinos that could provide you with a better idea of how things work. Wrong info on junkets, wrong info on regulator, wrong info on slots…..FYI, I am a casino executive that has lived in Macau for the last 15 years.

  11. i came here to see the casinos of macau and now im quite disappointed. the title is pretty irritating.

  12. How did you find Macau in terms of language? Were the staff at the casinos able to speak English?

    • We thought it was harder to find English speakers in Macau than in Hong Kong. Most of the casino customers in Macau come from mainland China and Hong Kong, so I guess English isnt as widely spoken? Also, Hong Kong was a British colony for many years so it must be one of the most widely spoken languages there? Macau was a Portuguese colony. Keep in mind that the gaming rules on the website of the regulators was in both Chinese and Portuguese, so I guess those are the two preferred languages?

  13. does anyone know how many of the casinos in vegas and reno have slot roulette?

  14. Anyone here to discuss practical Even Money betting strategy (sicbo/roulette/baccarat) ?

  15. I am not going to Macau anymore. First time I visited Macau casino and I played 21. I got 20 points 3 times and deal got 21 points 3 times. then I know Macau casino …………. almost 27 years ago….my five thousand dollars gone…….to punish Macau casinos. I refused to go to Macau casinos for the rest of my life……

    • I used to play 21. Its been 20 years. i enjoy video poker. Did you play video poker?

  16. “Gaming revenue are six time higher than Vegas” #china #rigged The End!

    • People who believe dice control works are complete idiots. You’re just wasting time and pissing most people off.

    • Yes, they do allow dice control. But they felt is quite bouncy. And it is mandatory that both dices have to bounce off the back wall. 🎲🎲

    • I am not sure about the answer to that question. However, I think almost all casinos anywhere in the world would allow players to set the dice before they are rolled because they dont really believe that players can control the outcome.

  17. Very informative! It makes me wanna go to Macau instead of Atlantic City. Ive been to Vegas and Reno to many times and Atlantic City was on top of my wishlist to visit next, but Ill just wait a little and save money to go to Macau. Oh and I need to get my passport too😂

  18. Why is revenue your sole metric for deciding the gambling capital of the world?

    • What other metrics would you use? Generating maximum revenue, and profits, are the reason casinos exist.

  19. Not sure if Im interested or not. Doesnt seem like a place looking for tourists.

    • THEKINGOFBAKERSFIELD every Macao picture or video I see on Instagram the sky is always gloomy, white or hazy ☁️ ⛅️

  20. Maybe you should advise people not to gamble in casino with their paycheck or security check. It is this much of money they can gamble.when the money is gone, they cannot continue to recoup their losses. Gambling is betting big (US 50 a spin, like NG slot and MG slot) and any endless stream of bankroll to continue when losing. Gambling is never for ordinary working folks!!!!!

  21. Interesting stuff! Im glad you had a nice time there! I visited once, and I enjoyed it a lot, although I would still put Las Vegas above it for sheer excitement. Still, it is a pretty close number two, and obviously in terms of money brought in, it is far and away number one.

    • I have been to Macau two weeks ago. it doesnt fascinate me as much as Las Vegas.

  22. I stayed at the Venetian in Macau. Very impressive cause it’s two times bigger than Las Vegas version. I thought the bridge from HK to Macau is open so you can take a bus or car.

  23. great video.nice room great view.too bad we couldnt get a tour inside the casino.

    • @americancasinoguide I wanted to see more of the inside of the casinos too, but I figured they didnt allow photos and video. I do appreciate that you bought pictures to show. Very interesting video here. Thanks.

    • @americancasinoguide no Im glad you didnt. I just meant its a shame they dont allow to show their casinos inside. but still, a great trip you had.

    • We didnt want to end up in a Chinese jail so we avoided taking pictures. We had to buy the photos of the insides of the casinos that are shown in the video. Most of them are of the Venitian.

    • Nah. He came back to U.S. from China in the early stages of the outbreak and he had to quarantine. But, he went back to China to work and hes fine.

  24. If they build a Circus Circus, then youll know theyve gone too far building the strip. Bought my first copy of The American Casino Guide in the last century. It was an absolute must have in making my first trips to Mississippi, Atlantic City, and, of course, Vegas. This video sure seems to prove Mr Bouries continued commitment to informing those interested in travelling to gamble.

    • I mean they have a Paris hotel with an Eiffel Tower, an exact replica of the Wynn but smaller, & and a Venetian and are literally calling the street they’re on “the strip…I think they’re modeling their city after Vegas

    • About 15, or so, years ago I remember seeing an electronic Mahjong game in a casino that you could bet on. However, I guess it never caught on and they stopped producing them.

    • ​@americancasinoguide I was just looking at a tutorial video on YouTube about how to play Fan Tan and I really like it. I would love to see Fan Tan in American Casinos. Im From New York so the Casinos that I have easy transportation to is Jakes 58 on Long island, Foxwoods, and Mohegan sun.

    • @americancasinoguide Ok Awesome. I guess that Mahjong is one of those risky games that is very hard to win on and with four players one person wins and the tree others lose and the three that lose have to pay a heave amount of money to the winner. Also the house doesnt win or lose money on that game because its only between four players.

    • I did not see Mahjong being played in a casino. However, I did see Fan Tan being played in one casino. It was a very strange game to me and I had no idea how it was played. It is my understanding that it was the most popular game in Macaus casinos for many years before baccarat was introduced. There is a Wikipedia page where you can learn more about the game – Evidently, all winning bets are paid at the true odds, less a 5% commission for the house.

  25. What do they think there of a loss progressive bet? 5-15-40-90-200-450-1000

    • Progressive betting systems do nothing to lessen the casinos mathematical advantage. You will be a loser in the long run on any progressive betting system as long as the casino has an edge over you.

    • That was really interesting… are there good jobs available US folks with no Chinese language? Did Steve have language skills other than English?

  26. Question. Are there any really old, smokey, dirty, poorly lit casinos from 100s of years ago or are there only the newer, mega luxury casinos? I would think that with the 1.5 Billion Chinese people, many of them living at the poverty level, there would be only the old casinos available.

    • Macau China is the most richest place (highest GDP) on earth, pls check the data on Internet.

    • Ive been in one older darker casino and in some strange claustrophobic gambling halls but saw mostly modern casinos like in Vegas. Poverty level of China is not really relevant since Macau is not comparable with the rest of China being a special administrative region and a former Portuguese colony. Furthermore China has many rich people that go to Macau and gamble huge amounts.

  27. Watching this video doesn’t make the logical thinking ability of the mentioned common Chinese gambler sound very impressive… coming to make money (as opposed to entertainment) by playing games that are pure chance with a negative expectation statistically… 🙄

    Believing the card can magically change to make the players win or lose based on whether a lucky or unlucky person turns it over… 🙄

    I’m actually an open minded person, am definitely spiritual and believe there are forces in this world we don’t understand, and respect religions/mystical beliefs, and even to a degree feng shui (sp?), which is in my opinion a pseudo religion, but I have zero respect for these sort of base superstitions associated with gambling and streaks (have those people ever heard the term “independent event?”). I also don’t think, for example, for people that bring prayer beads to gamble, that God or divine powers, however you see it, or supernatural Chinese Dragons, whatever, would care to supernaturally alter the outcome of a game or guide a person to make the right choices when the person is unvirtously (was going to say sinfully but don’t want to make it religious) gambling away the money they and their family need…

    • @americancasinoguide oh its just the baccarat kid never seems to lose

    • Baccarat is a game of luck and there is no skill involved. Therefore, you can win sometimes, but if you play long enough, it is a mathematical certainty that you will lose all of your money.

    • have you seen The Baccarat Kid you tube channel he never loses

    • Haha yes that is quite strange, perhaps it is fitting that it was a boxer doing that… maybe he had taken too many hits to the head?

      As someone with an avid interest in sociology and psychology, as well as paranormal beliefs, I would find it very interesting to conduct a study on gambling superstition, focusing on the more hardcore superstitious (not the people who blow on the dice for luck or like to wear their lucky hat, but the sort who almost come to blows if someone says “seven” out loud at a craps table, or some of those ridiculous whales who insist on having a refrigerator of lucky bananas by them at all time). I would like to interview them and see what they really believe if we go a little deeper… does the craps player who gets very angry at someone saying “seven” believe there is a supernatural force of luck in the universe, that alters the law of physics, causing a favorable or unfavorable roll, depending on whether or not one practices these superstitions? Or for games like Baccarat will this force magically change the identity of a card of it is touched and flipped over properly (or does barking at the cards cause one card to magically shift places with another, as surely as if a transporter for Star Trek “beamed” up and replaced the cards?) How does that force work… does it have its own “laws”, sort of like physics but different and currently undetectable by science? Or is it powerful spirits who if superstitions are followed will provide the player with divine insight as to what to bet? Maybe even God himself?

      I would be interested to see if breaking it down this way started to make some of the hardcore superstitious feel a little ridiculous. Because honestly their beliefs are essentially endorsing the existence of the paranormal in one of the forms I described. Granted I am a pretty spiritual person and do believe in the supernatural to a degree (or perhaps rare “miracles”) and certainly the afterlife, but what I don’t believe in is forces/entities that behave in the way they would have to for these superstitions to be true, the sacred or magical helping people trying to win a quick buck when they should be spending that money on saving up and paying for a pair of new shoes for their baby, not trying to get it by betting on hardway bets in craps.

      As a very experienced gambler have you ever had any conversations with very superstitious players that touched on the issues/questions I raised?

      (disclaimer: I am totally fine with people gambling for entertainment, I do it myself some, it’s the mentality of people who are not advantage players that going to the casino is a reasonable idea to fund the new car purchase they wish to make that I look down on)

  28. sweet interview….i am living in bankok now but will return to usa in may and my plan is to go thru Macao when i return….thanks for the info,,,love your channel

    • A skilled blackjack player is offering the casino a lesser advantage than a baccarat player. There is no skill in baccarat. It is strictly a game of luck.

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