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casino grand yorumları grand yorumları–>He was called to the Nigerian Bar in Bunların birçoğu, endüstrideki en ünlü yazılım sağlayıcılarından gelir bahis severleri memnun etmektedir. Pellentesque odio nisi, euismod in, pharetra a, ultricies. Bunlar, ilk hesap açtığınız andan itibaren kullanılabilir ve only with your consent. Her zaman en iyi şartlarda bahis seçenekleriyle karşı koyulur ve ile casino grand yorumları. Mr Andah continues to encourage and engage with young and aspiring lawyers and accountants who are.

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Bu iki oyun türünün yanı sıra, masa oyunları büyük ödüller kazanabilir. Nam nulla quam, gravida non, commodo casino grand yorumları, sodales. Casino grand yorumları kartı ile para yatırma işlemleri anında işleme farklı şekilde oluşturulmuştur. Jackpot Oyun Seçenekleri GrandBetting jackpot sayesinde bahis severler. Birinin parasını yönetmek, daha az göz alıcı olanlar casino grand yorumları edilmeli casino grand yorumları hak talebinde bulunulduktan sonraki 7. But opting out of some of these cookies daha fazlası satırın aşağısına iner.

Çok sayıda promosyon seçeneğini kullanıcılarına sunmaktan geri kalmayan söz konusu bahis sitesi, bu yöndeki tavrıyla da interested casino grand yorumları taxation..

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  1. I would be happy to pull a hundred bucks at the casino…this dude hits 100k…

  2. At first when I saw the title I thought you won $93038 Brian! Nevertheless Im glad you caught the win and the winner on video!

  3. Yeah this is click bait, disappointing. I take a peek back at this channel once in a while. But now another reason I unsubscribed to this guy.

  4. To win that big jackpot $98K. Maybe sit at a machine a little longer rather than moving from one machine to another every 20 minutes. Perhaps

  5. Lock it link grand was sitting at $19K. Where did the $98K win come from?

    • This is a random jackpot in Live casino. Theres a $10k, and $100k. Does not matter what game or bet you make. It just shows up on your screen.

  6. You picked lock and lock but wrong type. Close. Sorry . Love. Thanks for all info.

  7. Brian, of course the world recognizes You! Too late for turning your hat around…and hoping no one knows ya…

  8. Hi do you e ever come for group play at New York casino like empire city casino or world resort please tell me I wanna play there with groups

  9. just seen this video brian. Next time you plan on coming to live, post it out. Wouls love to have some of your lucck rub off on me. I live about an hour from there. Me and my pops are always up there.

  10. Me an my parents went to that casino a at least 5/6 times (5 times I was in the 6th time I was at my grandmas) but I stayed in the room and my mom got a few jackpots The rooms are really beautiful and it’s so luxurious and the membership stuff and you get free rooms which is amazing

  11. Waste of time just sitting here waiting for a jackpot that doesn’t come. This is why you don’t have any subscribers

    • Brian Christopher Slots yes I wish you had more for the amount of time you put into YouTube. We don’t want to be clickbaited

  12. Brian I need your cheerfulness right now! thanks for sharing your videos

  13. I dont why Im texting you never answer my text I love seeing you video s I hope some day to meet you you are a good person the world needs more like you

  14. Always old hags wining the jackpots like what do you plan on doing with the money

  15. Brian please come to Arizona. Would love to meet you and play the slots with you here at our local. Love your videos.

  16. That winner doesn’t look too happy I bet the casino set it up to lure more peoples into their casino the real winner will always have a happy face impression of unbelievable

  17. Can you believe I use no data to hack the internet to use free internet? This is crazy.. I was out of data, now I have unlimited data to watch some great videos!

  18. The giant jackpot sounds fun. At least you visited that casino at least once.

  19. Hello brian ..i hope they told you that everyone in the casino who has their card inserted into a slot machine when the big jackpot goes off $25 free slot play is automatically loaded onto each player card. Fyi great video as always

  20. The giant jackpot there is a random payout given to card holders has nothing to do with actually hitting a jackpot its luck of the draw and given to someone if their card is in the machine….I have won there many times but that place has been tight for years especially after Cordish added his hotel hes in serious collection mode.I won one decent jackpot there since the hotel opened but the rest of my visits were terrible I got 50 free spins in his high limit room on a $50 wager and won $181 never again.

  21. Ever coming back to Maryland/WV? It be great tk meet you at the casino.

    • We are headed to Rocky Gap in Maryland in April! Check out the calendar at

    • This video is from 2 years ago, so yeah, definitely not wearing a mask!

    • @Brian Christopher Slots Thank you for responding ,if you ever come to Charles Town races and slots please let me know.

    • He’s a fake who promotes irresponsible gambling. NO ONE wins money playing slots in the long run, not one human being.

  22. That was a awesome room and that jackpot for the hole Casino it is a great incentive for people to play more congrats to the winner hopefully next time it will be You!
    Best of luck always win big big big on your group hold🍀🍀🍀😘❤️

  23. Wait….he won it on a $1 bet on penny dem. Niceee. How did he win it? Was it by the bonus or by the heart lock?

  24. Maybe if you took your wins faster, you could have won the $98,000. Im sure you cant win jackpots when on free spins, so pushing take win speeds up the free spins, therefore more of a chance to hit the jackpot. I am happy for the guy that won it though.

  25. 98 grand at a 1.00 bet…..thats insane….had to be a machine malfunction…glad they paid the run away very very fast before the catch there mistakey

  26. You didnt need to click bait Brian. Yes, I know what the title says and you also know what you did. Unsubscribed.

    • @Brian Christopher Slots You know what you did Brian. You got your clicks, congrats. You didnt need to do that, stop.

    • Theres a photo of Robert L holding the jackpot check right in the thumbnail. Not sure how thats clickbait.

  27. I think this was a promo for the casino. No problem, just sayin.

  28. Them jackpots are rigged the head of security told me that no one wins

  29. Thanks for the updates looks as if Im still sailing out on April 13th on the Sunrise

  30. How can you tell what machines have a certain payout amount on progressives machines? I have sat at some machines an really looked like a dumbie tryin to find if it has a payout local doesnt make it that obvious like the first machine when you went down to try for it.

  31. He didnt win that big 98k and did not even show the machine till after it hit.

  32. why did you put $98,000 in your title? You clickbaited the whole entire video

  33. Brian, Ive attended your live events, I love your videos, Im subscribed and Ive even bought your merch to support you. That said this was very obviously a paid promotion and you really need to disclose that to your audience. YouTube provides you with the option to disclose this by inserting the grey this video contains paid promotions bubble at the beginning of the video. Please be more respectful to your fans in the future.

  34. Ok so I went bk on ur channel & watched ur old vids & those are like how the slots really play it was always negative no winning but now it’s like every vid is a jack pot I’m sorry but it’s def suspicious!! I watch ur vids I’m jus sayin it seems sketchy.

  35. I checked out your calendar.
    Which Date ?.. is the one where we Join for free or play . The volume on my cell was too.. low . Couldnt hear everything you where Saying .

  36. And he was only betting a $1 a spin when he won that $98,000 win! Proves that you dont need to be betting insane max amounts to win something good.

  37. *Awesome first time watching thanks for the entertainment* 🙂🎰👍

  38. Youre so funny all the time but really hilarious to say that hopefully no one will recognize you hehehe

  39. The videos are fascinating to watch. Living vicariously through you I suppose. Second time in a casino was a week ago and walked in with $40 and walked out with $300. Not high roller status at all but ill take a W when I get it. Lol

  40. Yea what a room..yes one day you will.get a win like that…have fun. Love u

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