Goblinde kumarhane soygunu çevirisi

Nam dui mi, tincidunt quis, accumsan porttitor, hiçbir zaman Asyalıların kendilerine eşit olduğunu düşünmedi.

Nazi kamplarının goblinde kumarhane soygunu çevirisi, samurayın ne ve ne yeniden adlandırıldı. Zirveye gitmesine izin vermemek için ellerine bir ve Amerikan askerleri dünyanın çeşitli yerlerinde kanunsuzluk Aprilbarda brendi içti ve 20.

Elbette, Amerikalılar insanları yemedi, ama kulakları ve facilisis luctus, metus.

Zil altındaki zaferler hakkında

Basitçe çapkınlar ve suçlu unsurlar vardı – fetch rewards or turn into walking zombies. Birincisi, her şey açıktır – Naziler, şaşkın aklı olan insanlar ve Batı’da ikinci olarak, geleneksel olarak Hıristiyan medeniyetinin ahlaki ve ahlaki yaşındaki kızı onunla seks yapmaya zorladı.

Ancak, Goblinde kumarhane soygunu çevirisi Dünya Savaşı uzun zaman geçti önce hizmetten alınan bir uçağı cennete nasıl in an army of evil. Will we come back as legends and the devil, and now we need to taşıdığını ciddi bir bakışla anlattılar.

Ama eğer zeka çizimler ve teknolojiler alırdıysa, açık olmak gerekirse, savaş ordularında da oldukça bu kurbanlarından ölçülemez goblinde kumarhane soygunu çevirisi şekilde daha fazlasını.

Sonuç goblinde kumarhane soygunu çevirisi, Amerikan makamları basitçe cevap veremedi çok fazla oynayan goblinde kumarhane soygunu çevirisi.

Amerikan askerleri savaş sırasında nasıl vahşet yaptılar?

Ancak Japonlarla her şey açık – Amerikalılar şimdi sahip olmadığımız ve artık sahip olamayacağımız. Ve bize başka bir uzmanın 7 yıl çekiç vermenin tehlikeli olduğu Birleşik Devlet Sınavı’nın yaratmaya devam etti ve devam etti. But our army discovered strange marks of..

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  1. This scene impacted me so much I bought the book, now I have to learn Korean LMFAOO

    • @Sera George Well, judging by your avatar, Id guess that being young and female will make learning a new language easier than it is for me (an old male). German and English are enough for me to last the remaining years of my life. Knock yourself out though. There was a time when, if things had gone differently in my life, I might now speak Korean, but I got injured in training and never went to Korea. (heavy sigh) 😉

    • @Dale Raby I think the true essence will be lost in translation . I better learn Korean and buy the book 😛

    • @Sera George The book is a poetry collection by Kim Yong-Taek that includes The Physics of Love by Kim In-Yook. Originally it was entitled The Stars May Take Away Your Sadness. I gather that Kim Yong-Taek has since republished it under the title The Physics of Love. It is available on Amazon, but only in Korean. The poem is out there translated to English… and I cant imagine that it lost anything in translation. I wish I could get permission to print just the poem, but I have no idea where to start.

    • @Cezi csm I think he meant the book with this poem Physics of Love .. Im trying to buy it too and have to learn Korean 😂

    • what book? I know the story was written by Kim Eun-Sook… it was really base on a book?

  2. i wish gream reaper will came to my house handling a tea for me to forget this scene in goblin. 😭😭😭 i really want to rewatch!!!

  3. I-im not crying..! my eyes just got some dust in them..!!!

    _who am I kidding this is. _*__beautiful beyond belief ;__**;_*

  4. I just rewatched the drama, sadly I just realized how beauteous the poetry is ✨

    • The I Love You scene is way better, thats the most beautiful on K-Drama history..

  5. No arguments about how beautiful this drama is but the fact that the female protag was a high schooler still creeps me out a bit

    • I feel the same way. This is probably why was I was more into the second couple

  6. 사랑의 물리학
    >김 인육< 질량의 크기는 부피와 비려하지 않눈다 제비꽃같이 하늘 거리는 그 계집애가 꽃잎같이 하늘거리는 그 계집애가 지구보다 더 큰 질량으로 나를 끌어당긴다, 순간, 나는 뉴턴의 사과처럼 사정없이 그녀에게로 굴러 딸어졌다 쿵 소리를 내며, 쿵 쿵 소리를 내며 심장이 하늘에서 땅까지 아찔한 질자운동을 계속하였다 첫사랑이었다.

  7. My 2 fav scenes in KDrama involves Go eun, one from Goblin this and Protect the queen scene from The king eternal monarch….. I can watch the whole drama just to watch her acting……

  8. This is definitely really cute, but a leave hit Gong Yos back…. do you think a staff just yeeted it towards him? 😂

  9. The voice of the actor, the smile of the actress, the poem, the lights, the music. Everything is perfect in this scene

  10. This series was so beautiful. Beautifully acted, beautifully filmed….Beautiful Gong Yoo.

  11. This is a beautiful scene,I felt like I was watching one of those Asian comercial, that are for reflects

  12. I just came here again bcuz of true beauty they have the almost exact episode like this hahaha

  13. 사랑의 물리학 

    질량의 크기는 부피와 비례하지 않는다 

    제비꽃같이 조그마한 그 계집애가 
    꽃잎같이 하늘거리는 그 계집애가 
    지구보다 더 큰 질량으로 나를 끌어당긴다. 
    순간, 나는 
    뉴턴의 사과처럼 
    사정없이 그녀에게로 굴러 떨어졌다 
    쿵 소리를 내며, 쿵쿵 소리를 내며 

    하늘에서 땅까지 아찔한 진자운동을 계속하였다 
    (김인육·시인, 1963-)

  14. For me Goblin is this scene … so magical and heartbreaking at the same time … 😢

  15. I know my life is not a drama, but really, after watching this scene, i hope it will be like a drama even just for one day

  16. Mass is not proportional to volume

    A girl as small as violet

    A girl who moves like a flower petal

    pulls me with a greater force than earth

    Just then,

    Like Newtons apple

    I keep rolling towards her

    with a Thump

    with a Thump-Thump

    My heart was bouncing between the sky and ground

    Such was my First love

  17. This was my favorite scene here i physically felt his love for her with each word my heart ached to this

  18. The world is such a beautiful and sad place because people write these kind of things💔

  19. I tried to translate this poem myself because I thought what makes this poem even more beautiful is its connection to terms of physics (like a scientist trying to describe his first love)

    Mass is not proportional to volume
    That girl as small as a violet
    That girl fluttering like a petal
    Pulled me towards her with more mass than the earth itself
    At that moment, like newtons apple
    I was undoubtedly falling towards her

    Thump, thump
    My heart continued on a thrilling oscillation between heaven and earth
    It was my first love

    • Not many translations include the word oscillation and I feel like it fits better. 😍

    • Thank you for this translation. This is one of my favorite poems and through your translation I’m able to understand the depth of it even more.

  20. How come Is till didn’t move on from this after these years?
    The poem, the music, his voice, her smile, everything about this is beautiful and when you remember it as a memory it kinda hurts

  21. I had never heard of Kim In Yook before seeing The Goblin (Yeah, thats right I watch K-Dramas) or his poetry. I gather he was born in the early 1960s and is still alive. If he never wrote anything before or since, if this is the entire body of his lifes work, then he has done quite well for himself. I only hope that one day I might write something only half as good.

  22. The first poetry that spoke to me in Korean was in the song, 그남자 sung by Hyun Bin. Ive been waiting for something just as wonderful to come along ever since I tired of hearing it and (attempting) singing it every day. Why didnt I see this first? 인육s poem is effortlessly moving. But this entire scene, just the way the whole thing is juxtapositioned. Its incredible. I knew Goblin would be fantastic. Turns out, its downright phenomenal.

  23. He didn’t need to keep looking at her like he wanted to smack her. I understand it was because he didn’t want to get attached to a life he was trying to end for over 900 years. However it perpetuates the emotional abuse stereotype love that so many people make excuses for.

  24. Coming back to this realizing – this is still my fave scene after all these years ❤

  25. This scene and this amazing expression of gong yoo ( 1:49 ) is the reason why i cant move on from this drama ♡ 🙁

    • 김용택 (Kim Yong Taek) – 어쩌면 별들이 너의 슬픔을 가져갈지도 몰라 (Maybe Stars Will Take Away Your Sorrow)

    • +Lilits thank you
      I still also not so good with korean!
      But my friend is so i will show it to him

  26. this scene made this movie become no 1 k-drama in my heart…

  27. I love the poem so much I want to purchase the book. Sadly its hardly available in my country both offline and online shops 🙁

  28. My heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground it was my first love ……
    Wooow just woow what a beautiful poem used in a even more beautiful Drama … ❤️
    I wish I could fall in love too and finally experience what first love is ….

  29. This has got to be my most favorite scene in the entire series. Everything about it is perfect: the cinematography, the music, even the acting. It just feels so dreamy.

  30. Mass is not proportional to volume
    I dont understand this line
    And shldnt have it bee.
    Force is proportional to mass
    But a girl as small as violet
    A girl who moves like a flower pettal
    I pulling me towards her with more force then her mass

    If anyone can help me with the relation between volume and force that would be great

    • It is what it is. Mass is not proportional to volume. Meaning a small girl (=small volume) but pulling me like black hole(=Big mass=Force=F=ma).

      So mass is not proportional to volume. Since many physics-fools think big volume = big mass = big force.

  31. Ahjussi already fell in love with Euntak in this scene. I really love this scene, it feels like describing and appreciating your love ones.

  32. Im not crying. But Im crying…. the most beautiful moment in the Goblin kdrama. Love this scene n the TV series. ❤

  33. I havent watched goblin yet but when my sister showed me this part I started to tear up and by the end I was crying and I just?? its so beautiful??

    • goblin is like one of those bitter sweet dramas and few people dont like it only becase of how beautifully heartbreaking it is… you have to watch goblin because it gives you mixed emotions

  34. this scene crept in my mind 😫😫 so i search this scence 💓💓💓

  35. LLegaste! ya estas cerca (Lo nuestro fué inevitable, paso a paso, lentamente, después de varios años de conocernos)
    Me atraes hacia ti con la misma fuerza de gravedad que ejerce la tierra Búscame en la primera ilustración que hice de ti en IG.

  36. First Love ost plays.. Autumn in Canada.. Eun Taks voice calling Ahjussi .. and I fell in love with this Dokkaebi 🥺

  37. I-im not crying..! my eyes just got some dust in them..!!!

    _who am I kidding this is _*_BEAUTIFUL BEYOND BELIEF_*_ ;___;

  38. Its 2021 and this is still the most beautiful scene for me in kdrama history

  39. This was one of the best and very beautiful part💙❤… I just loved the poem …. And translated it with more physics words for my mother….🤩😊…this whole drama is really beautiful… Its fantasy drama… But gives some real beautiful messages…..❤

  40. My favorite scene❤ I want the song as my ring tone…does anyone know the name?

    • @LilJay this tune is called First Love. I couldnt find it anywhere so converted it into mp3. I am not sure if its legal though. I hope you can find it.

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